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Read Don's journey from starving artist to web entrepreneur.
  The Cove: The Billy Graham Training Center. 2005.

Christian Musician Summit. 2006.

Christian Supply's Choral Festival. 2004-2007.

Eye Max Conference. 2004, 2007. 2007.

Created to Praise. 2004-2006.

New Mexico Church Music Conference. 2006.

Worship Training. NC Baptist Convention. 2004-2005.

Music Week at Caswell. NC Baptist Convention. 2005.

Music and Creative Worship Extravaganza: SC Baptist Convention. 2004.

Keyboards in Worship. SC Baptist Convention. 2004.

Praise Team Workshop. SC Baptist Convention. 2005.
Hillsong London
Mosaic Church
  Don has spoken at worship conferences across the country [list on left side of the page]. His classes are not theoretical, but filled with practical, real-life ideas that can help the contemporary worship leader in the trenches of local church ministry. Contact him if you'd like him to speak at your church or conference.

A note from Don:

"I've had the chance to visit some of the largest and most creative churches in the past year - Hillsong London, Mosaic [Erwin McManus], Saddleback, LifeChurch and Seacoast. You might think it impossible to ever match what they're dong.
"I'm not so sure. Yes, these churches have big budgets, but I believe that even small churches can offer the meaningful, quality worship experiences that grow ministries - ones that can rival the megachurches. You just have to change your mindset from small church thinking to big church thinking. And in my workshops I show you how."

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Read about Seacoast Church and video venues.
See pics of Seacoast Greenville's post modern stations at Flickr.

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See pics of at Flickr

Current class topics:

>Blending Hymns with Contemporary Worship. Hymns having been making quite a comeback in contemporary worship. Learn how you can give hymns a modern edge and seamlessly blend them into your worship set. Arranging tips and free music handouts.

Hear a short MP3 clip from his hymns teleseminar

Download the entire seminar for free at

>Creative WorshipIdeas: Sound like a big church on a little church budget. Don reveals the ten steps for creating a contemporary worship service with impact. Discover easy, creative ideas for worship flow, song choice, arranging and media that will take your worship to the next level.

>Songwriting and Publishing: Don lived in Nashville for five years pursuing the contemporary Christian music industry. He's had songs published by Word and Integrity but found greater success and fulfillment by bypassing the traditional music industry. Learn his methods for writing great songs, getting them out there and earning royalties.

>Worship Keyboard Improvisation: Non-improvising pianists are one of the biggest obstacles to contemporary worship flow. Don was classically trained, and entered college only being able to play the notes off the page. Learn how he taught himself to improvise, play by ear and transpose music. He can help classically trained church pianists start down the exciting path to improvisation.

Don talks about his improvisation in this short MP3 clip

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