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UK Connection:

A few years ago I sponsored a worship songwriting contest at I received entries from all over the world, some good, some not so good.

One day I received an email from Phil LeCheminant in Romsey, UK. Attached to the email was the song "Our God Reigns" written by his friend, Tim Light.

It was fantastic - head and shoulders above any other entry - and Tim won the contest. You can download the song for free at Both Tim and Phil were worship leaders at Tim's father's church, New Life Church in Romsey, a quaint little English village with a beautiful 1000-year-old Abbey smack in the middle of town.

I became fascinated with these two talented musicians from an unlikely place. We struck up a friendship and have visited each other several times leading worship here and in the UK. [If you'd be interested in having Tim come to your church the next time he's here, contact me.]

I believe Tim will be the next Matt Redman. He's a very talented songwriter and has a nice voice. On one of his trips to the US I suggested we write a Christmas praise song since very few exist. At Christmas time, contemporary churches make the awkward shift from songs like "Here I Am to Worship" to "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" (if you're a worship leader you know what I mean!)

We wrote "I Adore You" in an afternoon and the song was an instant hit, downloaded by over 20,000 churches that Christmas season. This year is doing a version, will have it and plans on creating a video for it a la Integrity's iWorship videos. Tim and I are re-recording it, and you can download it for free at Keep your eyes on Tim - I expect you'll hear more from him in the future.

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