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  A note from Don:

A friend of mine, Ben Lane, is a very talented artist, and animator for "The Simpsons" TV show. He sometimes draws Simpson-ized versions of his family and friends into the show as background characters. Here's a Simpson-ized version of me with goatee and my trademarked striped shirt in the episode "The Bart of War," episode 312, season 14, which first aired May 18, 2003.

Bart is playing baseball and I'm in the crowd scene. I don't speak or anything (although I do blink if I remember correctly) and you have to freeze frame the episode to see me!

Here's the original sketch:

The sketches are shipped off to some Asian country where the in-between frames are drawn, colored and inked. Ben said that he has no control over the colors, but fortunately they gave me the proper brown hair color!

Here's the finished frame from the TV show:

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